09 February 2009

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Yesterday, i took some time off to run through some of the pictures snapped at my recent trip to my country's cool and refreshing vacation hill spot - Cameron Highlands. Specially to my readers from other countries, do visit this beautiful hill spot if you are visiting Malaysia. Here a little infos about Cameron Highlands :

Cameron Highlands is a wonderful place to escape the heat and the interior or the jagged and busy life of Kuala Lumpur. Cameron Highlands are located 1,829 metres above sea level. The climate is great, and it was one of the most popular hill stations besides Fraser Hill and Genting Highlands. There are plenties of interesting and attractive places in Cameron Highlands such as Tea Boh Plantation, Rose Garden, Hot Spring, Cactus Valley, Strawberry Farms, Waterfalls, Vegetable Farms and lots more. For outdoor adventure lovers, you can even do jungle trekking, mountain hiking and even camping over at Cameron Highlands.

There are plenties of nice hotels, apartments and bungalows for rent over at Cameron Highlands. Prices are reasonably good. Do reserved earlier if you are planning for a vacation during peak seasons especially school holidays and festive seasons. Foods is never an issues as there are international cuisines around Cameron Highlands (such as Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Western and etc).

For photographers out there, this is a must place to visit if you love shooting scenery, landscape and macro. And not to be miss, pre-wedding too! as i myself love shooting macro, here are some images to share with you all...... enjoy!