11 July 2009

New Website and Blog Coming Soon!

Hi All,

Not too sure how many of you all out there does believe in after-married-luck? yes.. after-married-luck! i got married two months ago to the most beautiful and lovely woman i have known and together for 10 years. Life has started to be more busier than before especially on the incoming jobs and enquiries. My career luck has been on the uprising level thanks to my lovely wife's luck...haha... ;)

I know i have let some of my loyal readers down for my delays and slow update on my blog. here's are some update for you guys. I will be launching a NEW WEBSITE and NEW BLOG soon! yes.. very soon! i'm working very hard in making sure my new website and blog launch somewhere on early October 2009. Beside working on the website and blog, i am tight up with some upcoming weddings and pre-wedding as well as some family portraits and baby portraits. the past few weeks has been really a crazy weeks for me having to shoots wedding almost every week.

I'm also preparing my schedules for the upcoming destination wedding shoots at Phuket and Australia in the next few month. i will also be launching my first-stop destination pre-wedding for year 2010. First-stop will be at Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and etc). i will be in Melbourne, Australia from 5th - 12th May 2010. if you are interested, please email me early for the arrangement. there will be more destinations pre-wedding coming soon for the year 2010 such as Bali, Phuket, Cambodia, Australia and Tokyo.

And i'm also honoured to be appointed as the only official wedding photographer for an upcoming wedding gown designer Valerie Fan. I will be giving a talk on pre-wedding photography on the grand opening day on the 1st August 2009. for more infos, you may log on to www.valeriefan.com .

Till now, here's are just a sneak preview of few wedding images that i am going to upload on my new blog. for more, log on to www.darenchong.com on the early August 2009.

thank you for your great patience and stay tune for my upcoming new blog and website.

thank you!