28 April 2009


Hi All,

update! update! update! for the past few weeks, received numerous smses, calls and even emails asking my whereabouts. "hi daren, are you still around" , "hi daren, what happen to you. missing for ages?" and so on......

thank you guys for all the concerns! i fine and i am still around! yaa.......

just a little update on my side here. have been really busy and tight with my shooting schedules lately (i know is not a good excuses for not updating my blog). i've been travelling here and there for wedding shoots and filled most of my evening and night time with editing works. there are times, from sunset till sunrise.

as some of you know, i will be getting married in two weeks time. can't wait for the day to come. while busy with my shooting schedules, i've not put much time on my wedding preparation. i feel bad. as luck on my side, with some helps and supports from friends and especially my sister, Jenny, they had enlightened my works load.

i will be off for two weeks for shoots. from today till my wedding day, there will not be any shoots as i would like to focus and prepare myself for my wedding day. at the same time, blogging will only be continue after my wedding day. my apologize for those whose have been visiting my blog regularly. see you guys soon!

i will be doing some major revamp on my blog soon. in two months time, i will be launching a new blog design and will also officially launch my long delayed website. there are so many things i want to do yet so little time i have. that's life!

see ya!

the one and only,
daren chong