16 June 2008

Baby Portrait - Zachary Loh

Capturing the cuteness of a little baby is so much fun! Terence and Elizabeth newly borned baby boy - Zachary Loh. I had a great time capturing little Zachary recently at the invitation by Terence and Elizabeth. I was having an easy moment capturing little Zachary as he was on his usual daily breaks, afternoon nap. By the end of the day, I did not had the chance to play around with little Zachary as he was enjoying his afternoon nap a little bit longer than any other days. To Terence, Elizabeth and little Zachary, HAPPY FAMILY!

09 June 2008

My first post!

hi all,

figuring what to post as the first photo on my very first blog is really a big headache to me. should i post my family photos, or my portrait, or my favorite landscape, or maybe some macro shoots, or my works sample such as wedding shoots & product shoots or ........ maybe these and that.... it's never ends in my mind!

to those who know me and for those who not, photography has always been my life passion. capturing all the memorable images of my families, my loves and my friends are the reasons why i took up photography 12 years ago, to be exact.

and after a long thought, finally decided to share with you some of my favorite travel photos. just some simple shoots taken sometimes ago.

hope you like it.....

08 June 2008

It's finally here!!!

I'm pleased to announce that my blog is finally here!!!

Hi all, my name is Daren Chong. I'm a photographer and photography has always been my life passion.

Seems like everyone in this industry is blogging now.Well, I think it is a good thing since it let our friends and customers know us better. I have procrastinate till now to start mine. Well, better late than never.

While waiting for my new website(www.darenchong.com), i will try to update my blog regularly and do check me out once a while.

Have a nice day!

Warmest Regards,
daren chong