23 August 2008

Portrait - Peggy Song

While i was holidaying in Penang, took some time off with my fiance, Peggy to Kedah for some padi fields shoots. Looking at the open wide padi fields, beautiful sun shinning through the fields, unveiling the beauty of it surrounds, i immediately took out my lovely camera and did some shoots there. Enjoy!

18 August 2008

Eye On Malaysia

The “Eye on Malaysia” provides stunning views across Lake Titiwangsa, all the way to the world renowned Petronas Towers (KLCC). This astounding viewing wheel consists of 42 fully air-conditioned gondolas. Soaring to giddy heights 60 metres above the tropical waters of Lake Titiwangsa, “Eye on Malaysia” is the largest portable wheel in the world, and the first overhanging a lake.

Being there for the first time the other day, took some shoots in the evening. Enjoy........

11 August 2008

Pulau Ketam - Part 2

Here are more pics of Pulau Ketam. Will be back there again!

10 August 2008

Pulau Ketam - Part 1

A good friend of mine from Canada came back for a short holiday the other day. Since we shared the same interest (photography),he suggested to have a day out shoots. As you know, there are so many nice and interesting places to shoots in KL. Having to choose one is really difficult. Finally, we decided to go further to a more interesting place... "Pulau Ketam"! My last visit was almost 20 years ago. We took a train from KTM, Subang headed all the way down to Port Klang which takes us less than 30 minutes. And from Port Klang, we walk across the road to the jetty (less than a minute) and took a ferry to Pulau Ketam for another 30 minutes. Once we reach Pulau Ketam, we rented two classic bicycles and start our fun journey there. After an hour shoots, another good friend of mine join us there for lunch. One thing really attracted me while shooting in Pulau Ketam is the colors of the resident's houses. It just so colourful! Here are some pics of the colour window panels...........

07 August 2008

Baby Portrait - Micah Jianen Ong

Documenting another new-born baby was just feeling great! I love shooting baby! Let's me introduce you baby "Micah Jianen Ong". Nice name, isn't it! It was actually a tough session documenting this little cute guy as he is extremely active which makes my day more challenging in shooting him. After two hours of shooting, Micah still couldn't want to take an afternoon nap. His bright little eyes just keep looking at my lens. Maybe he is just too exciting being my little model for that day. Thank you Micah! To David and Tracy, have a wonderful journey ahead!