19 July 2008

Colours of KL

Was in the Kuala Lumpur City the other day doing some street photography. Having been lived here for 30 years, these is my first time shooting in the street of KL (funny huhh.....). It's kinda new to me as i seldom (in fact, very seldom) shoots street photography. There are so many things to shoots be it likes people, architectures, colours, stalls, grafittis and lots more! As i walked along the Jalan Petaling, i decided to focus on something interesting, which is "colours/contrasts". So, here are some of my shoots.....

09 July 2008

MOCA Boutique

introducing the all-ladies-owner of a fast growing fashion boutique in Bangsar - "MOCA Boutique".

MOCA is a lil' boutique that specializes in all the delicacies and mouth-watering temptations all females love — everything fashion.

If you are looking for beautiful dresses, shoes, tops, bags and other accessories, do drop by at MOCA Boutique.

MOCA Boutique is located at 19-1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar (Tel : +603 2287 5415) or you can visit them at http://mocaboutique.blogspot.com/

07 July 2008

Me & Steven Lee

Attended a workshop organized by Steven Lee a week ago. Steven Lee is a Malaysian photographer based in the UK. He began his photographic career as a documentary and travel photographer in the late 90's when began writing travel related articles for magazines and journals. In 2000, he published his first coffee-table book titled "Outside Looking In : Kuala Lumpur", which received the Asian Prize in PhotoCity Sagamihara Festival of the Image, Japan in 2007. In 2007 he published his second coffee-table book "MALAYSIANS".

"MALAYSIANS" is a highly recommended book for everyone. How often do you come accross a book full of malaysian potraits? Capturing portraits is never easy especially portait of strangers. Steven Lee managed to captured potraits of all races from every states of Malaysia. Thumb up Steven!

During the workshop, i got a chance to play with a small little camera - "Rolleiflex" belongs to Steven Lee. Love this camera....... still working well too...

Me & Steven Lee

Coffee-Table Book : "Outside Looking In : Kuala Lumpur" (Steven Lee)

Coffee-Table Book : "MALAYSIANS" (Steven Lee)



Me & Rolleiflex